I like to draw.  I like to sculpt.  I like creating cool things.  I like to learn, and I like to teach when I can.

I'm not too fond of talking about myself, despite my love of talking in general.

During my 12 years working in the games industry, I've worked as a concept artist, character artist, as well as art director.  And while I enjoy being versatile (as it has come in handy for the teams I've worked on), my heart is in characters and story.

I believe making art should be fun.  That the best ideas should always win.  We're all consumers of what we make.  That there is always a solution to a visual problem.  That if you give your best and operate with honesty, integrity, and a love of the work and respect for your audience, good things will happen.  It is work, no doubt, but it is the BEST kind of work.

If my values and skills align with your needs, maybe we should work together.

Thanks for your time and consideration,